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Special Bali Aromatic Inimitable Taste
With Bali’s stable temperature, abundant sunshine, pure water, volcanic soil and tropical climate, it offers essential elements for the growth of coffee trees. Since 1950, MR. PUTU insist in natural conservation and organic farming, that makes our coffee cherries extraordinarily juicy and sweet.

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咖啡, 是不少人的精神飲料, 每早在公司pantry的咖啡機就響個不停, 簡單的放入capsule、推下按鈕、2分鐘便能享有, 一杯接一杯, 繼而整個office就充滿咖啡香. 但自從上星期六參加了 x Mr. Putu「峇里高山咖啡色香味」品味活動後, 深深體會到咖啡又豈止是提神作用, 簡直就是帶人跳進另一國度.

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來自峇里的 Mr Putu・五十年代古樹的滋味
一進門口就被後掛的瓶瓶罐罐吸引過去,率先看到了Mr Putu帶來的各種精品咖啡,其中最特別的非那個長身的玻璃器皿莫屬。一滴接著一滴,不就是我最愛的冰滴咖啡嗎!好想整個抱回家

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