About Us

Since 1950, with the end of the Dutch colonial era and Indonesia declared its independence, a native PUTU family in Bali taking over a number of wild coffee estates in the island, and have been insisting natural conservation and organic farming for over 60 years. Due to the geographical specialty of Bali, we nurtures high-quality coffee trees and its juicy sweet berries in a natural way.

 With Bali’s stable temperature, abundant sunshine, pure water, volcanic soil and tropical climate, it offers essential elements for the growth of coffee trees; especially most of our coffee estates are located at an altitude of 1200m or above, and all our coffee trees are grown under shadow of the fruit trees or palm tree, our coffee cherries are extraordinarily juicy and sweet.

 Since always, our premium coffees are only for domestic sale as well as VIP tourists. In order to expand this family business, we establish our retail brand named "MR. PUTU" in year 2013; aim to share the unique taste of our specialty coffees throughout the world.

 MR. PUTU coffees are medium-roasted which offer smooth mellow flavor and sweet aroma without the acidity, and then culminate in a clean and well-rounded sweetness long-lasting of finish.