50's Vintage Fine Coffee

50's Vintage Fine Coffee
Our "50's Vintage Fine Coffee" is founded at PUTU’s coffee estate since 1950, but actually those aged coffee trees are sowed from the Dutch Colonial Era, we keep conserving the aged coffee trees for over 60 years until now. This unique variety of coffee is very rare and previous due to its limited quantity and the inclusive of Peaberry in every pack.The unique high-level location, tropical climate and ages make our "50's Vintage Fine Coffee" taste great. Our exclusive estate where this rare coffee grown is located at an altitude above 2200m. The clove trees cover and all natural resources provide the conditions for growing this finest coffee.

As all aged coffee trees are more than 60 years old, they have entirely absorbed richer moisture and mineral nutrition deep inside from the soil, as well as accumulate the essence of all natural resources, our "50's Vintage Fine Coffee" comes with nutty aroma with a slight floral flavor of Clove flowers, rich full-body with smooth texture and a soft rounded long-lasting finish, an aroma of natural forest brings up a raw and vintage feeling!

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50's Vintage Fine Coffee

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