Kopi Luwak - Single Sachet

Kopi Luwak - Single Sachet

Our Kopi Luwak is produced by the free-range civets that native to our coffee estates in Bali, because they are free to choose which coffee cherries to eat, which can result in better quality beans that is not comparable with those beans produced by the force fed & caged civets. The civet loves to select and eat the best, succulent and ripe wild coffee cherries, after the digestion of the fruit, only the bean is eliminated, then picked up, cleaned and processed for brewing. Due to this special and restricted way of production, Kopi Luwak becomes the rarest, the most unique flavour and the most expensive coffee. What is the specialty of Kopi Luwak making it outstanding from the market? It’s come from the process of digestion inside the civet, it broke down the protein of the bean, thus reduced the bitter taste of coffee, and it also carries a special flavor from the enzyme secreted by the civet. It enhanced the pleasure of enjoying of Kopi Luwak from the other coffee. In addition to coffee cherries, the civets in our coffee estates also loves to eat the organic papayas and fresh fruits inside the farm, which makes our Kopi Luwak taste unique by offering a fresh & sweet flavor of tropical fruits.


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Kopi Luwak - Single Sachet

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