4pcs - Vintage Fine Coffee Nut Moon Cake

  • 4pcs - Vintage Fine Coffee Nut Moon Cake

4pcs - Vintage Fine Coffee Nut Moon Cake

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Single flavor (up to 2 flavors can be selected) / 4 pieces

Newest Launch: Vintage Fine Coffee Nut Moon Cake

A breakthrough in the general coffee mooncake method of using MSG flavor 3-in-1,

using Mr. Putu precious ancient tree bean coffee powder,

Mix different thicknesses of Taiwanese organic assorted nuts for a natural fit!

The outer layer is matched with traditional bark and palm tree brown sugar, with a strong espresso flavor,

Real materials, fully meet the needs of coffee control, and healthy weight!

It’s a must-choice mooncake for coffee control~

Packing: 4 x 50g moon cakes (same flavor)

We use healthy organic palm tree brown sugar.

The glycemic index bottom can make people concerned about blood sugar feel at ease.

The cookie crust is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and the aroma inside the soft heart will surely make ladies fascinated by dessert control~

Reunion with your family and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival,

come to a box of healthy and meaningful moon cakes!

Ingredients: Bali organic palm brown sugar, Mr. Putu ancient coffee powder, Japanese eggs, Taiwanese flour, French unsalted butter, French light cream, Australian sea salt, Taiwanese sunflower seeds, Taiwanese pumpkin seeds, American organic cashews, Invert syrup, coconut oil, custard powder, evaporated milk, coconut milk.

《Special Early Bird Offer》

August 15 to September 10, 2021

Freshly made every week, the redemption method after ordering is as follows:

1. September 3-5, Slow Living Area, 1st Floor, Benxu Market, Causeway Bay

2. September 9-20, Telford Mid-Autumn Food Festival pop-up shop

3. Kwun Tong MTR Station (Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 9 am) Please make an appointment in advance!

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