4 Pcs - Red Bean Lotus Seed Paste Moon

  • 4 Pcs - Red Bean Lotus Seed Paste Moon

4 Pcs - Red Bean Lotus Seed Paste Moon

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Single flavor (up to 2 flavors can be selected) / 4 pieces

Newest launch: Red Bean Lotus Seed Paste Moon

The three-inch lotus seed paste fried with the brown sugar method of organic palm trees in Bali is smooth and not greasy. The fresh and sweet fragrance is a different feeling~

Tokachi red beans boiled with brown sugar are used in the middle to express the aroma of red beans to the extreme!

The outer red cabbage scalp symbolizes "good luck" and is the most important gift for gifts~

Mr.Putu mooncakes are not only genuine but also healthy!

Ingredients: Bali Organic Palm Brown Sugar, Japanese Eggs, Taiwanese Flour, Australian Sea Salt, Xianglian (Cunsanlian), Japanese Red Bean, Japanese Hantian Powder, Inverted Syrup, Coconut Oil, Beetroot Powder.

{"Special Early Bird Offer"}

August 15 to September 10, 2021

Freshly made every week, the redemption method after ordering is as follows:

1. September 3-5, Slow Living Area, 1st Floor, Benxu Market, Causeway Bay

2. September 9-20, Telford Mid-Autumn Food Festival pop-up shop

3. Kwun Tong MTR Station (Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 9 am) Please make an appointment in advance!

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