Belle Tea - Bottle

  • Belle Tea - Bottle

Belle Tea - Bottle

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Belle Tea

Hong Qiaomei

Hongqiaomei is a famous concubine tea, produced in the strong southwestern region of China. It is a necessary tribute for the courts of the past dynasties.


It can adjust endocrine disorders, relieve depression and reduce fire, nourish blood, invigorate the spleen and stomach, clear the channels and collaterals, reduce inflammation and freckle,

Especially for treating chloasma, freckles, liver spots, stains, and acne caused by endocrine disorders.

Or it can make the skin white and tender, rosy and shiny.

Net weight: 15 grams (about 14 days)


Hong Qiaomei, strong southwest

brewing method

Each time you draw 3-4 red clever plums and pink roses, please rinse your head with boiling water and then drink it in water for about 3~5 minutes per soak.

About 5~7 bubbles can be made, preferably with boiling water of 60 to 80 degrees. It is better to add red dates and cinnamon meat~

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